December 15 2017 LeapFrog Growth: Purpose-driven companies reaching 117 million people

Read LeapFrog’s latest newsletter and find out how our partner companies are achieving both strong financial results while addressing profound social issues

December 6 2017 LeapFrog invests in remittance leader WorldRemit

TechCrunch explores how LeapFrog’s latest investment will drive WorldRemit’s next phase of growth, supporting its plan to serve 10 million customers connected to emerging markets by 2020

December 6 2017 WorldRemit, changing the way the world does remittances

Business Insider reports on LeapFrog’s investment in WorldRemit, a trailblazer in digital remittances

November 14 2017 Purpose-driven investment really can be profitable

Investors can confidently put purpose at the heart of their investment strategy and not compromise on commercial outcomes says Nick Moon, LeapFrog Partner – with Cignifi a prime example

November 1 2017 LeapFrog’s insights into emerging market investment

PEI explores how LeapFrog offers its investors the opportunity to break through the barriers and tap into fast-growth emerging markets

November 1 2017 Connecting traditional investors to the profit with purpose approach

Forbes explores Clare Murray’s path to LeapFrog and her work as Associate Director, Strategy to bring traditional investors and purpose-driven investments together

September 20 2017 Harnessing innovative technologies to increase financial inclusion

Dr. Jim Roth comments on how technology is breaking through barriers to provide financial services to emerging consumers, with BIMA – a LeapFrog partner – leading the way

September 18 2017 The power of profit with purpose in business

Dr. Andrew Kuper speaks to the BBC about how investing in purpose-driven companies can result in growth, impact and profitability

September 13 2017 Surpassing targets set a decade ago, LeapFrog achieves new milestone

Private Equity Wire explores how LeapFrog’s distinct profit with purpose approach has led to 100 million people reached

September 12 2017 LeapFrog companies reach over 100 million people

This year marks a decade since LeapFrog’s founding. 10 years on, there are over 100 million reasons to celebrate

September 11 2017 Dr. Andrew Kuper on BBC Business Live

On BBC Business Live, which reaches 162 million people weekly, Andy shares the enormous opportunity in economic growth markets, for profit and purpose

September 7 2017 Leaping into 5th spot on Fortune’s 2017 Change the World list

Fortune has announced their annual Change the World List, and LeapFrog has been ranked 5 out of 50

August 17 2017 Capitalism as a transformative force for the emerging consumer

The FT explores Dr Jim Roth’s journey to LeapFrog, and his work championing the power of markets to drive change

July 11 2017 The potential of micro-payments by mobile

Micro-payments are helping give low-income households the insurance cover they need, with BIMA – a LeapFrog partner – at the forefront

June 26 2017 The bank in your pocket

Jonathan Hakim, CEO of Cignifi, speaks to the BBC about how mobile phones are bringing financial services to the unbanked

May 30 2017 Innovation flows from emerging to the developed world

Innovative products designed for emerging markets are finding their way back to developed markets, with AllLife – a LeapFrog partner – a poignant example

May 10 2017 Private providers sense opportunity in African healthcare

LeapFrog’s Dr Felix Olale comments on how Africa’s burgeoning healthcare sector is creating an investment opportunity for private investors

April 26 2017 Improving access to insurance for diabetics

Ross Beerman of AllLife, a LeapFrog partner company, speaks with Sky News about the company’s foray into the UK market

April 25 2017 Insurtech firm backed by Warren Buffett enters UK

Insurance Business considers AllLife’s unveiling of a specialist insurance product in the UK

April 25 2017 A Warren Buffett-backed insurance tech company is going to help ‘uninsurable’ diabetics

Business Insider explores the innovative technology behind AllLife’s insurance platform

April 24 2017 AllLife – the first company in the world to offer life cover to people living with HIV takes its Diabetes platform global with Royal London

LeapFrog’s Gary Herbert comments on the significance of AllLife’s new diabetes platform

April 11 2017 The next stage of demonetization

LeapFrog’s Michael Fernandes discusses the digital transformation taking place in India’s payments space with CNBC Asia

April 5 2017 When private equity firms target family businesses

Stewart Langdon discusses LeapFrog’s partnership with Thai insurance company SMK, and the importance of building trust when investing in family-owned businesses

April 4 2017 Kshama Fernandes: Finding credit for the worthy

Kshama Fernandes, CEO of LeapFrog investee IFMR Capital, explores the opportunities and challenges of financial inclusion, her childhood memories of a Goan village, and her love for adventure

April 3 2017 LeapFrog partner companies feature in LSEG’s Companies to Inspire Africa report

AllLife, BIMA and Petra Trust have been identified by the LSEG as examples of inspiring companies integral to the successful future of the African economy

March 29 2017 East African assets attract private equity interest

LeapFrog’s Dr Felix Olale weighs in on private equity groups’ growing interest in East Africa

March 22 2017 LeapFrog’s portfolio reached 91 million people and grew revenues and profits in 2016

ImpactAlpha reports on LeapFrog’s 2016 performance and recipe for social impact: highly-scalable business models that attract major financial institutions

March 21 2017 LeapFrog Investments Hops into Africa Healthcare

Global HealthCare Insights casts a spotlight on LeapFrog’s latest investment venture: healthcare delivery in East Africa

March 17 2017 Faces of Impact with The Economist

In his speech at The Economist Impact Investment summit, Andy Kuper encourages impact investors to be more ambitious – calling for the delivery of outsize returns as well as outsize impact.

March 14 2017 The Year in Numbers

While global growth slowed in 2016, LeapFrog’s partner companies on average grew revenues 23% and profits 40%. Leap with us through The Year in Numbers.

March 9 2017 LeapFrog invests in financial inclusion leader Fincare

LeapFrog invests in Fincare, one of the fastest-growing financial platforms in India driving impact for underserved rural communities

March 1 2017 LeapFrog awarded PEI Firm of the Year – Africa

LeapFrog is the first Profit with Purpose investment group ever to be selected as Private Equity International’s Africa Firm of the Year

February 28 2017 Putting actuarial skills to use for emerging consumers

In this issue of the Society of Actuaries, LeapFrog’s Pritesh Modi explores the huge potential for actuaries to use their skills to create new insurance markets

February 23 2017 The Innovative Finance Revolution: Private Capital for Public Good

IFMR Holdings, a LeapFrog partner company, explores how a well-functioning financial system can mitigate the numerous challenges in access to finance faced in India

February 15 2017 The power of a ‘profit with purpose’ investment strategy

LeapFrog’s Dr Jim Roth speaks on CNBC about LeapFrog’s investment approach and its special focus on the emerging consumer demographic

January 23 2017 Why Bill Clinton helped a 33-year-old build a $1bn firm

BBC explores the personal and business story behind LeapFrog and the model that’s pioneering commercial impact investing

January 12 2017 Reliance Group acquires WOM Finance from Maybank Indonesia

Explore the Group’s latest move to develop a financial service hypermarket for the middle-to-lower income market in Indonesia

January 10 2017 LeapFrog’s insight into the African healthcare landscape

LeapFrog’s Dr Felix Olale speaks to BBC journalist, Russell Padmore, on the factors driving healthcare demand and innovation in Africa

November 28 2016 LeapFrog and Goodlife see a bright future

Kenyan TV station K24 explores how the partnership between LeapFrog and Goodlife will provide necessary healthcare across East Africa

November 24 2016 Explore Goodlife’s next stage of growth

Dr. Josh Ruxin, Co-Founder of Goodlife Pharmacy, joins CNBC Africa to consider the way forward for the company

November 22 2016 LeapFrog invests in $22m in Goodlife Pharmacy

In this video, LeapFrog’s Felix Olale and Goodlife’s Josh Ruxin explore the investment partnership

November 18 2016 Powering the rise of emerging consumers

LeapFrog’s Stewart Langdon on how access to energy and essential services is fuelling the rise of new consumers

November 9 2016 InsurTech: Saving the world, saving your money

Mathilda Ström of LeapFrog partner company, BIMA Mobile, explores how to scale with mobile technology

November 3 2016 Healthcare in emerging markets

LeapFrog’s Felix Olale explores the need for integrated healthcare systems across Africa in special report by EMPEA

September 29 2016 Why it pays to have a specialised investment strategy

Pritesh Modi, Chief Actuary (Asia) at LeapFrog, provides industry insights in a Q&A with AVCJ

September 19 2016 Mobile for finance

BIMA’s Gustaf Agartson and Jumo’s Andrew Watkins-Ball speak to the BBC about how their companies use mobile to give millions access to finance

September 16 2016 Why emerging markets investments satisfy demand for returns and ethics

Jim Roth speaks on CNBC, on why it pays to be optimistic about emerging markets

September 12 2016 IFMR Capital: The money conductors

With its unique products, LeapFrog portfolio company IFMR Capital is leading MFIs into the world of big finance

September 9 2016 Linklaters PE head joins LeapFrog

Stuart Bedford, who has led more than $40bn of transactions, joins LeapFrog as general counsel

August 22 2016 IFMR Holdings annual update 2016

Sucharita Mukherjee, CEO of LeapFrog company IFMR Holdings, speaks on the power of complete access to finance

July 25 2016 Millennials motivated by impact

LeapFrog’s Stewart Langdon on the next-generation appeal of investments that drive change

July 23 2016 Billion-dollar impact

Andy Kuper speaks with Frontera about a new model of investing that mixes profit with purpose

July 20 2016 The pursuit of purpose

Andy Kuper explores the link between purpose and performance at EY’s World Entrepreneur of the Year

July 20 2016 Don’t follow the money. Follow the people

LeapFrog’s Karima Ola on why investors should look to the new global middle class for growth

July 18 2016 Why purpose pays

“Purpose drives profit, and profit drives purpose”, says LeapFrog’s Andy Kuper on panel with leaders from KKR and EY.

July 6 2016 102,000 jobs, with companies that own the future

Andy Kuper’s latest newsletter explores how LeapFrog’s companies are creating jobs and reinventing how business is done

May 27 2016 AFR: The good capitalist

Andy Kuper sits down with the AFR to talk about the genesis of LeapFrog and the power of Profit with Purpose

May 20 2016 The Power of I: IFMR Holdings

India’s Outlook Business magazine explores IFMR Holdings as a pioneer of Indian enterprise

May 4 2016 Profit with Purpose: The Year in Numbers

Read Andy Kuper’s latest newsletter, and leap through LeapFrog’s year in numbers

April 11 2016 Why investing in emerging markets makes sense

Jim Roth speaks on Bloomberg, exploring the compelling emerging consumer opportunity

March 29 2016 Trim your sails for Asian headwinds

LeapFrog’s Stewart Langdon explains why Asia remains a tantalising growth prospect

March 10 2016 LeapFrog targets hospitals in healthcare push

How LeapFrog’s new health team will dive into healthcare opportunities in Africa and Asia

February 26 2016 A billion transformational dollars

Read Andy Kuper’s latest newsletter and explore four pieces of uplifting news

February 8 2016 A question of moral radicalism

Andy Kuper comments on how sometimes you can do more good through commerce

January 25 2016 Global insurance giant Prudential partners with LeapFrog

The AFR explores LeapFrog & Prudential Financial Inc’s US$350m (A$500m) partnership

January 23 2016 Prudential Financial to invest $350m in African insurers

Prudential’s partnership with LeapFrog is set to boost Africa’s growth story

January 22 2016 US insurer Prudential Financial makes African bet

Prudential Financial Inc has backed LeapFrog with $350m to invest in Africa

January 6 2016 The value of social impact investing

Jim Roth on CNBC discusses the transformative power of social impact investing

January 5 2016 Can profit and social impact co-exist?

Jim Roth speaks to The Banker about what ‘impact’ means in the investment world

December 11 2015 OPIC commits up to $200m to LeapFrog

“LeapFrog’s innovative approach … has helped spark high-impact business in emerging markets.”

November 20 2015 BIMA wins MasterCard award

LeapFrog company BIMA wins first MasterCard Foundation Clients at the Centre prize

November 12 2015 51m reached, now for the next leap

Read Andy Kuper’s latest newsletter and find out how LeapFrog companies are reaching 51 million people

November 10 2015 Resolution: An East African leader

Peter Nduati, founder of LeapFrog investment Resolution Insurance, on how LeapFrog adds value

November 9 2015 Inspiring women in finance

Kshama Fernandes, CEO of IFMR Capital, on how the company is rewriting the rules of finance

November 4 2015 JUMO Commercial: Opportunity. Anywhere, anytime

JUMO, of LeapFrog company afb, powers loans for African entrepreneurs

November 2 2015 The case for an emerging consumer specialist insurer

Why the Philippines emerging consumer opportunity is compelling

October 27 2015 IFMR Holdings Annual Update 2015

Sucharita Mukherjee, CEO of LeapFrog company IFMR Holdings, on enabling access to finance for millions

September 30 2015 BIMA Turns 5!

Fintech leader BIMA celebrates 5 years of growth with dance

September 29 2015 IFMR Blog

Blog by fast-growing IFMR chronicles rise of financial inclusion in India

September 28 2015 Andy Kuper speaks to the BBC

Founder and CEO Andy Kuper on the power of emerging consumers

September 27 2015 Jim Roth on Bloomberg

Co-founder Jim Roth discusses the emerging markets opportunity

September 25 2015 LeapFrog acquires Resolution majority

Doug Lacey on LeapFrog’s new East African partnership

September 25 2015 LeapFrog heads for Kenya, again

LeapFrog to invest in Resolution Insurance, tapping health insurance

September 23 2015 Investment with social benefit doing big business

Co-founder Jim Roth on why private enterprise is key to global development

July 20 2015 AllLife wins Responsible Business award

Unilever Global Development Award for providing life cover to people with HIV

July 20 2015 Wanted: investors with capital, expertise and experience

Entrepreneurs expect expertise to help them grow their business

May 22 2015 Closing the protection gap

Andy Kuper on closing the insurance protection gap, and the opportunity to serve 4 billion emerging consumers

April 1 2015 The most successful impact investor you’ve never heard of?

LeapFrog angel investor, Sari Miller, on why impact investing is so compelling

March 26 2015 Life insurer does social business in emerging markets

LeapFrog’s “clever risk management” creates value in portfolio companies

November 15 2014 A phoneful of dollars

Mobile phone-based services to improve the lives of the poor

October 31 2014 Insurers Drawn by African Dawn for Cover

Andy Kuper on why insurance firms are waking up to Africa

October 17 2014 LeapFrog to splash out $100m in SA

Doug Lacey on opportunities in South Africa and beyond

September 12 2014 LeapFrog’s rise as EM private equity investor

Dominic Liber and Gary Herbert on the emerging markets opportunity

September 9 2014 Leapfrog to invest Rs 600 crore in Indian companies

Jim Roth says investors recognise India’s steps to welcome FDI

September 9 2014 LeapFrog attracts $400m with a chance to do good

LeapFrog’s second fund targets strong returns and deep social impact

August 1 2014 LeapFrog’s Doug Lacey in Power 50

Doug Lacey makes Africa Asset Management’s Power 50 list for 2014

July 16 2014 Andy Kuper on Monocle’s Entrepreneur Show

An interview on a magnetic idea

April 17 2014 How BIMA reaches the unreachable

BIMA is taking innovative steps to make insurance more accessible

April 1 2014 Jim Roth on CNBC

The emergence and attraction of the emerging consumer

March 31 2014 LeapFrog invests in IFMR Capital

The demand for financial springboards and safety nets in India is growing fast

February 9 2014 Ethical standards make you a better capitalist

No trade-off between money and meaning – it is a synergy

December 10 2013 Prudential moves into insurance in Ghana

Prudential purchases Express Life from LeapFrog Investments

October 29 2013 LeapFrog Investments raises second fund

Fund continues LeapFrog focus on the emerging consumer

September 9 2013 Insurers back fund with focus on Asia and Africa

Six of the world’s leading insurers to invest in $400m fund

July 12 2013 LeapFrog’s differentiated investment strategy

Exploring LeapFrog’s profit with purpose approach

July 3 2013 Life insurance on the rise

Doug Lacey on the growth opportunity in life insurance in Africa

March 6 2013 No trade-off between profit and purpose

Andy Kuper explores the synergistic promise of profit with purpose investing.

February 22 2013 After mobile banking, mobile insurance

BIMA meets the huge demand for low-cost insurance

January 27 2013 Obama trip endorses African investment

Jim Roth on burgeoning African opportunities

January 1 2013 African growth rates the envy of investors

Andy Kuper highlights Africa’s admirable growth rates

December 12 2012 Investor reaches out to underserved sector

LeapFrog’s profit-with-purpose approach opens the capital markets

June 7 2012 The Microinsurance Revolution

AllLife and Shriram empower their customers

January 1 2012 Andy Kuper at TEDx

Andy Kuper speaks at TEDx about the power of profit with purpose

January 1 2012 Alternative investing for emerging markets

Andy Kuper speaks to McKinsey about the emerging consumer

January 1 2012 LeapFrog’s Andy Kuper and Mahindra’s Bharat Doshi

LeapFrog invests in Mahindra Insurance Brokers

September 8 2011 LeapFrog to invest in Shriram

Partnership to provide insurance to millions of underserved customers

August 9 2011 Impact Investing – Happy Returns

The birth of a virtuous asset class; profit with purpose investing is here to stay

September 1 2009 Bill Clinton and Andy Kuper

President Clinton hails LeapFrog’s success in opening up new frontiers for alternative investment