Reaching the unreachable

A global leader in mobile insurance, growing by some 500,000 subscribers a month.

Goodlife Pharmacy

Redefining healthcare in East Africa

With its innovative, consumer-centric approach, Goodlife is becoming the pharmacy of choice for Kenyans.


Insuring the uninsurable

AllLife is a disruptive innovator in life insurance, providing life insurance to people living with HIV and diabetes. Growing rapidly and profitably, AllLife’s business is a significant new model for the insurance industry.


Ensuring health cover in East Africa

ARM Life

Underwriting Nigeria’s growth story


Financial fingerprints for the unbanked billions

Enterprise Group

A household name in financial services

Express Life

From zero to hero


A platform for growth in financial inclusion

IFMR Holdings

Changing the face of financial inclusion

IFMR Capital

Opening the gates of the capital markets

Magma Fincorp

Investing in the smallest dream

Mahindra Insurance Brokers

Empowering India to rise


Disrupting the African payments markets

Petra Trust

A pensions pioneer

Resolution Insurance

Health at work with SMEs

Reliance Capital Management

Reaching across the Indonesian archipelago


Empowering people through prosperity

Syn Mun Kong (SMK)

Extensive presence in rural Thailand

UT Life

A local Ghanaian success story