Investing in Emerging Markets for the Next Decade

Rapid developments in Africa and Asia have impacted the dynamics of global markets. The rise of digital technology, innovative entrepreneurs and surges in population growth are disrupting the status quo. And this is just the beginning. LeapFrog Partners, Portfolio Company Leaders, and Experts discuss what we can expect in the next ten years.

Spotlight on Talent Development

In the first part of our Spotlight on Talent Development series we look at how LeapFrog with support from U.S.-headquartered Prudential Financial Inc. is bringing talent management to emerging market growth firms

LeapFrog: 10 years, 100 million people reached

A decade ago, LeapFrog launched with a commitment to provide financial services to 25 million low-income consumers by 2020. LeapFrog’s partner companies have leapt past this target, shaping the lives and economic futures of millions more.