To drive performance, LeapFrog implements a leading integrated measurement tool, FIIRM (Financial, Impact, Innovation and Risk Management).


The central premise of LeapFrog’s profit with purpose approach is that there should be no trade-off between financial return and social impact. In fact, we are demonstrating that orientation towards a social purpose can drive greater long-term financial returns.

To drive profit-with-purpose performance LeapFrog developed a proprietary in-house measurement framework called FIIRM, which encompasses financial, impact, innovation and risk management factors. The framework is an integrated dashboard of financial and operational KPIs, and governance indices benchmarked to global best practice standards.

Ultimately, measurement provides boards of directors and chief executives with a toolbox that helps them to meet growth, profitability and impact objectives.

Measurement is about doing, not about ticking boxes.


“We are living in a phenomenal age. If we can spend the early decades of the 21st century finding approaches that meet the needs of the poor in ways that generate profits and recognition for business, we will have found a sustainable way to reduce poverty in the world.”

Bill Gates